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weblogogleninternetThe Nerdfit Network (“Nerdfit”) is a Boston-based entertainment group has delivered hours of laughs and amazement at events since 2007. With most of it’s members having been in the convention scene since the early 90’s, their experience and love for chaos have only added more shenanigans and fun to each event they attend. Nerdfit provides a versatile list of talents including (but not limited to) hosting and performing in panel presentations, game shows, concerts, DJ sets and dance parties. One of their many signatures is Nerdfit Game Theater, an MST3K-inspired showcase of weird or hilarious video games from the past to present. Speaking of showcasing, look out for The Horrors of Fanfiction, where Nerdfit presents the hilarious, gut-wrenching examples of your childhood getting desecrated.  Outside of events, they provide live streams, videos and comedy articles about anime, video games, technology, and silly conspiracy theories. You can find them at

A&G Con 2017: Nerd Fit Panels.
Game Theater 3000: In a world where most people half-expect games to be unfinished and retcon everything at a moment’s notice; two obnoxious fat guys have gone dumpster diving through the internet to find you some quality games you might have missed during all the hype for Unfinished Shooter 2, or Disappointing Nostalgia Throwback Forever. Come join Nerdfit for some quality shenanigans with quality games. Making a Music with an NES and Gameboy Wait, you can do that? Believe it or not, sometimes your nostalgia throwbacks are better music machines than they were for computing video games! Join Glenntai as he explains how he makes music with an NES and a Gameboy, and how it got him into making soundtracks for games.

Suckamania: March Badness Have you ever wondered what utter chaos the world would be thrown into if Maffew from Botchamania and Nerdfit joined forces to crap on everything you love and hold sacred? Masochists rejoice, it’s time to make what makes you happy and desecrate it harder than the internet desecrated the Cincinnati Zoo’s twitter.

Jamaican Bobsled Team 2: Back From the Dead Six years ago, Nerdfit was forced to do an all-ages panel on a Friday at 5pm on main stage at a small convention. This panel was an unadulterated stream of consciousness, showcasing the most ludicrous ideas barely formed around jokes. Half the panel left the room outraged and ready to burn them at a stake, the other half of the panel gave a standing ovation and realized how unworthy that convention was of their brilliance. The fans soon organized to force the show to never host another year again. They never had a show again and Nerdfit banned that panel from its repertoire… Until now. We’re not sorry, and we’re not even sorry that we’re not sorry.

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