Multiverse Rumble

The A&G Con Multiverse Rumble is a wrestling like no other. A&G Con started the trend in the United States of bringing wrestling to conventions, and we put a twist on it. We put characters up against each other in epic showdowns for all to see. Formerly known as “Cosplay Wrestling,” this year’s MvR is bound to be The Best one ever!

15195935_1326299527433739_869839593309303770_oScreen_Shot_2015-12-08_at_11.38.56_AM.0A&G Con Multiverse Rumble 2017 will feature Indy Wrestling Superstar, Matt Cross (aka. Son of Havoc from Lucha Underground) and Joey Ryan!

On top of this years exciting wrestling matches we have a unique opportunity for those seeking instruction from one of the best in the business.




This workshop will be 3 hours long. Entrance begins at 12pm in “Live Events” of A&G Con 2017 (Part of the Middle Ballroom). Matt Cross will be head instructor throughout the course of the event. This is for everyone from Beginners to Workers in the sport. Please arrive no later than 12:45pm and ready to work at 1pm.


Multiverse Rumble takes place at Friday @8pm

Saturday @12pm.

Matches will be different each day. Loaded with an array of new and old characters!