Hotel Room Parties

We are happy to announce that as part of the 2017 A&G Con we will be having the return of the official Room Party block!

We’ve compiled a Room Parties Guide to assist with your amazing room party!

Room Party Registration is Open. If you registered you will receive an e-mail no later than 2/25/16.

Bring your own flavor to the con by hosting an A&G Con Room Party!

We understand what throwing parties is like, along with all the problems that may come with them. We like those problems less than you do. We know there isn’t much to do after the programming and dance has stopped. We also understand what creates a good time. It is because of this that we bring you the Room Party Block.

We go to great lengths to ensure your Room Party is in a great location, has good advertising, and has as few disturbances as possible by putting you in the Atrium area! This is not an excuse, however, to wreak havoc as hotel rules do still apply. We are here to ensure that you and all of the convention attendees have a great time at the parties.

Registering to throw a party at A&G Con makes you officially awesome and also provides you with some great perks.

  • Designated room in the Party Rooms Block. The hotel and A&G Con will NOT allow parties outside of this area.
  • No mandatory “quiet time” so you can party all night long!
  • In the event of noise or other complaints with regards to Room Parties they will be handled by convention staff, if possible.
  • Party 101 kit from the Party Block Committee!

What do I need to do to get a room party?

First you will need to read, agree, and sign all documents on this page. While parties can be fun we have to have some rules to keep you, us, the hotel, and the party safe.

Please fill out the Room Party Block registration form in order to register a party. We will review all Room Party submissions in February, and you will be notified by e-mail if you’ve been accepted.

Please note the A&G Con Party Rooms are $99.00 a night plus tax. You may find additional information regarding the hotel rooms on the hotel page. A&G Con does NOT reserve hotel rooms for your party. You must reserve them yourself and submit the form. Once the form is accepted we will move your room into the noise block. 

What you need to know?

Room parties are to be open to any person in possession of an A&G Con badge during the agreed upon hours of operation.

  • All party rooms will be located in a noise friendly space.
  • Sound set ups must be limited to the room they are set up in and must be with in the room, no set up will be allowed out side of the room. If you think it is too loud, turn it down or contact a member of Staff to help you find the right level. If we believe it is too loud, we will let you know.
  • In accordance to Ohio law & A&G Con rules, there may be no sales of any items with in a room party.
  • All room decorations are to be secured using only Blue painters tape. All damage to the room is at the liability of the individual/party whom the reservation is under.

We really recommend you get some floor covering, use the provided trash bags, and discourage rough housing or defacing Hotel property. You break it, you buy it.

What if I want to serve alcohol at my Party?

If you plan on serving alcohol as part of your room party you will need to provide this information when registering the party room. We will provide a copy of the Alcohol Party Agreement for you to sign at the convention. Failure to sign and return this document will revoke your right to hold a party at A&G Con.

Please remember serving alcohol can be a huge liability. While it might make the party more fun, it also means more work for you as hosts. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for the serving of alcohol to minors.

  • All alcoholic parties MUST have a designated bartender who is actively checking ID’s at all times.
  • Parties are NOT allowed to sell or have a mandatory monetary exchange for drinks. Tipping is allowed at the discretion of the party attendees.
  • A&G Con Staff and Convention Operations reserve the right to see all party attendees ID’s if there is a suspected violation of minors consuming or being served any alcohol in any room party.
  • A&G Con will not be held liable for any serving of minors or over intoxicated persons during our event by room party hosts.
  • The room party host assumes all legal liability for the serving of minors or over intoxicated persons
  • If there has been a violation the room party hosts will be subject to their badges being revoked and will be turned over to the Hotel and the Police Department for further legal penalties including but not limited to fines, removal from the property with no refund of any room rates and badge price. The Minor in question will also be turned in to the local PD.

The hotel has very specific rules that prevent room parties in their building. Without the party block the hotel would shut down every last room party. Parties outside of the approved room party block will be at the discretion of the hotel.

What do I do if I have a problem with a party goer?

Come down to con ops, or flag down any party or security staff member. We will be happy to help.

I got the green light, what happens now?

It’s time to start getting all you need for a party. We recommend stocking up for either one or two days. Remember; a beer run mid party can be a bit of a downer, more so if you run out after sales stop for the night.

Don’t forget you probably will want a floor/flat surface cover, some decorations, and a way to advertise your rocking party, so don’t forget that when you make a supply run.

Come day of, please make sure you check in with the front desk to get your keys. Once you settle in please drop by Ops for your party 101 kit and get to know your A&G Con party hosts. Then you will want to start setting up.

  • Party 101 kit includes: Two trash bags, one roll of paper towels, two wristbands for hosts, one roll of blue painters tape, and one black marker.