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  • Designated room in the Party Rooms Block. The hotel and A&G Con will NOT allow parties outside of this area.
  • No mandatory “quiet time” so you can party all night long!
  • In the event of noise or other complaints with regards to Room Parties they will be handled by convention staff, if possible.
  • Party 101 kit from the Party Block Committee!

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  • All party rooms will be located in a noise friendly space.
  • Sound set ups must be limited to the room they are set up in and must be with in the room, no set up will be allowed out side of the room. If you think it is too loud, turn it down or contact a member of Staff to help you find the right level. If we believe it is too loud, we will let you know.
  • In accordance to Ohio law & A&G Con rules, there may be no sales of any items with in a room party.
  • All room decorations are to be secured using only Blue painters tape. All damage to the room is at the liability of the individual/party whom the reservation is under.

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  • All alcoholic parties MUST have a designated bartender who is actively checking ID’s at all times.
  • Parties are NOT allowed to sell or have a mandatory monetary exchange for drinks. Tipping is allowed at the discretion of the party attendees.
  • A&G Con Staff and Convention Operations reserve the right to see all party attendees ID’s if there is a suspected violation of minors consuming or being served any alcohol in any room party.
  • A&G Con will not be held liable for any serving of minors or over intoxicated persons during our event by room party hosts.
  • The room party host assumes all legal liability for the serving of minors or over intoxicated persons
  • If there has been a violation the room party hosts will be subject to their badges being revoked and will be turned over to the Hotel and the Police Department for further legal penalties including but not limited to fines, removal from the property with no refund of any room rates and badge price. The Minor in question will also be turned in to the local PD.

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  • Party 101 kit includes: Two trash bags, one roll of paper towels, two wristbands for hosts, one roll of blue painters tape, and one black marker.