Bubblepop Burlesque


Bubble Pop Burlesque

Once upon a time, there was a group of cosplayers who wanted to bring the art of Cosplay and the art of Tease to the stage. Through creativity and determination, this rag-tag group of nerds created what would soon become a convention phenomenon that would entertain con-goers all throughout the Midwest. Bubble Pop Burlesque started with only three independent performers in their first show, and now they have so many friends in their network that it’s hard to keep track! Made up of independent performers from all over the United States, they hope to bring some of your favorite characters to life, with TWO ¬†outstanding Burlesque shows on the A and G Ohio stage! Join your friends Lola Hart, Erisaka Blu, Legend Airy Lewt, Spike D. Brandi, Eden and Maella Cai Vane, as well as our featured performers, Poppy Lane and MaMarie LaVeaux, for what is sure to be a fun time!


mamarie-laveaux spike-d-brandi hexbent

erisaka-blu eden poppy-lane