Costume Catwalk

AG Costume Catwalk

At A&G, we like to bring FUN to the forefront. Cosplay is about having fun! While sometimes it’s fun to be in a competition, it isn’t fun for everyone. You know you’ve worked really hard on that costume, so what fun is it if you aren’t recognized on the outstanding job you did? 

Come join us at the Costume Cat Walk!

Strut your stuff down the A&G Cat Walk and show off your amazing costume! Show your knowledge of your character by being in character while you walk! It’s super simple to register, and there’s no need to be nervous in front of a panel of judges. Instead, we want you to have fun!


So what do you need to do in order to participate? It’s easy!

1. Go to the Cosplay Repair Station.

2. Tell them you want to participate in the Costume Cat Walk.

3. Tell them who you are cosplaying as during the Cat Walk.

4. The Repair Station will look up a picture of who you will be cosplaying as (this will appear on screen as you walk the Cat Walk)

5. The Repair Station will give you a number – this is YOUR number, and will be used during line up.

6. You’re all done! Enjoy the con, and report to Main Events 30 minutes before the Costume Cat Walk.


There are just a few simple rules to remember:

1. Those participating in the Cat Walk must have a badge to A&G.

2. Please make sure your costume is family friendly – We do have children attending, after all.

3. Please make sure you are on time! The show will continue on if you arrive late, and you may not be given the opportunity to walk the Cat Walk.

4. Please advise the Emcee if you need assistance on and off the stage, or if you have someone assisting you.

5. Please limit your walk to 30 seconds. Posing for a second or two is fine, but please remember there are others who are waiting to walk as well.

6. Have fun with your posing and STRUT YOUR STUFF!