Amiibo Cockfight

Bring your Amiibos and compete for Rare & Unicorn Amiibos of your choosing. In A&G Con’s first ever Amiibo Cockfight! 2 Amiibos enter the battle, but only one will be return back to their owner! The winning Amiibo from each match will get a prize. The loser, gets destroyed! Live on stage at A&G Con 2017!

Do you have the guts to compete in this high stakes Thunderdome style battle?
Sign ups will take place in the video game room starting at 4pm Friday. You must hand over your Amiibo at time of entry.

Fight Rules:

  • 2 Stock.
  • 6 Minute Time Limit.
  • 1 v 1.
  • 1 Round Only.
  • Single Elimination .
  • Items on Low.
  • Smash Balls on Low.
  • Custom Moves Okay.
  • No amiibos are allowed to save anything during the event.
  • All other settings on Default.
  • Stages: 
    • Town & City
    • Final Destination
    • Battlefield
    • Lylat Cruise
    • Smashville
    • Dreamland 64
    • Duck Hunt
  • Sudden Death rule: Games finished with tied / stock count, will Not determine the outcome.  A playoff match with the following rules apply.
    • 1 stock
    • 2 minutes
    • All other setting, same as above.

**Time of event To Be Announced**