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A&G Con is the biggest Animation and Video Gaming event in Tri-State Area! Three days of Events, Performances, Video Gaming, Table Top Gaming and Special Events you won’t see anywhere else! This show is all ages. All panels that have suggested/required age limits will be marked on the schedule.

History: A&G was formed in 2006 due to the lack of “variety” from a majority of the conventions in the United States. In 2008 the convention debuted as A&G Ohio, taking place at the Hilton Akron/Fairlawn. The convention fell on hard times as the show attendance suffered, due to a level 2 winter emergency that blanketed the area in over 1″ of accumulated ice. Due to disputes with the host hotel in Akron, no hotels with the desired space, and other conventions already based around Cleveland, A&G Ohio decided to move to Cincinnati in 2009.

In 2009, A&G 2 took place at the Holiday Inn Eastgate. Not only was the venue fantastic for the event, but attendance grew to over 800. A&G Ohio stayed at the venue until they were forced with an attendance cap issue.

In 2012 the event moved to the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. At the time the event thought that it would be a great move due to the area and the spaces possibility for growth. After a series of events between the hotel and the convention and its attendees, the convention decided it was best to part ways.

The move to the Crown Plaza Cincinnati North in 2013 was a logical one as it offered the biggest convention space (outside of downtown, in which the convention owners disliked the space). The convention hit attendance cap in 2013 and was once again forced to move.

The convention made a home at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center and Marriott River Center in 2014 and dropped the moniker “Ohio” from the events name. The move to the NKYCC proved to be a significant increase in event space and attendance. In 2014 the event changed it’s official site from “www.aandgohio.com” to “www.cartooncon.org” & “www.videogamescon.com”Programming The convention typically offers artist alley, autograph sessions (Free and for a fee), concerts, dances, vendor’s room, egaming (video gaming, and video gaming), traditional gaming (role play, table top, trading card), karaoke, costume and skit contest, jam space, panels,workshops and Q&As. A&G also offers a variety of signature events that the convention creates yearly. These events Multiverse Rumble (formerly known as Cosplay Wrestling (First convention in the United States to do this at a convention)), Cosplay Musical, Human Tetris, L.A.G., Assassins Guild and more.

A&G Con 2015 added the Expo Hall at the Northern Convention Center, and is bringing in new departments and content. Collectable Card Gaming, Jam Space, Comic Books, and more Video Gaming space.

The convention remains to be a staple for new convention guests for the area to this day. Guests to be brought to the area for their first convention appearances: Michael McConnohie, Melodee Spevack, D.C. Douglas, Steve Downes, Volpin Props, Michael “Storm” Raven, Airship Isabella, Nexus Gaming Alliance, Nerdfit Network, Kira Buckland, Danielle McRae, Kaiji Tang, Jon St. John, Georgia Cullyenburg, Matt Hill and more.

Event history

Dates Location Attendance Guests New Signature Event
February 8-10, 2008 Hilton Akron, Fairlawn, OH. 300 Random Battle Group Tristan McAvery, Michael McConnohie, Melodee Spevack, The Protomen, Spike Spencer, Spoony Bards, Cosplay Musical, Cosplay Wrestling
March 13-15, 2009 Holiday Inn Eastgate, Cincinnati, OH. 800 DM Ashura, Steve Blum, Steve Downes, Richard Epcar, Yaya Han, Lunarium, Shael Riley, Dan Slott, Ellyn Stern, Super 8-Bit Brothers Mario Kart Live
March 12-14, 2010 Holiday Inn Eastgate, Cincinnati, OH. 950 The Protomen, DM Ashura, Troy Baker, DC Douglas, Dual Core, Glenn Dubois, Nerdfit Network, Gavin Goszka, Decepticon Motormaster, Chris Patton, Shammers and Lefthand, Sleeping Samurai N/A
March 18-20, 2011 Holiday Inn Eastgate, Cincinnati, OH. 1000 Action Adventure World, Amazing BrandO, Brentalfloss, Dual Core, Nerdit Network, Quinton Flynn, Wendee Lee, My Parents Favorite Music, Positive Attitude, Shammers and Left Hand, Super 8-Bit Brothers King of ConTest
March 8-11 , 2012 Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH. 1150 The Protomen, Action Adventure World, DM Ashura, Brentalfloss, DC Douglas, Steve Downes, Nerdfit Network, Richard Epcar, Gavin Goszka, Michael McConnohie, My Parents Favorite Music, Melodee Spevack, StarF, Ellyn Stern Trackmania Invitational, Assassins Guild
April 5-7, 2013 Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North, Sharronville, OH. 1500 Jon St. John, Matthew Mercer, Danielle McRae, Powerglove, Jessie Pridemore, Eric Stuart, Urizen, TYCracker Human Tetris
April 4-6, 2014 Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Covington, KY 1850 DC Douglas, Georgia Cullyenburg, Kaiji Tang, Michael “Storm” Raven, Nexus Gaming Alliance, Airship Isabella, Bobaflex N/A
March 13-15, 2015 Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Covington, KY 1850 Mr. Creepy Pasta, NateWantsToBattle, Dookieshed, Mega Ran, Nexus Gaming Alliance, Airship Isabella, Cosplay Kasterborous, John Ferraras, Juice Lee, Curtis Tran, Michael Vitale, Pranav Bolla, Wargames North, Galladorn, Juice Sammus. Tea Party
April 15-17, 2016 Atrium Hotel & Conference Center, Sharronville, OH. TBA TBA TBA

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