Understanding Game Ceme and how to play it

This Bandar Ceme game is a form of game development that uses dominoes as a play tool. Basically this game is almost similar to the domino game qiu qiu or commonly known as bandarq. It can be said that ceme games and qiu qiu are similar games but not the same.

The difference is that players only get two cards and the card with the highest score is 9 (nine). The domino card used consists of 28 cards and each card has a different value of course. Card value is the result of summation of the circle marks on the two cards. The advantage in this game is that we can act as a Bandar.

This Ceme game is available and facilitated by online poker agents, where anyone can become a Player or a Bandar. To become a Bandar, players must follow the conditions set in the game such as the minimum number of chips to become a dealer. The player only needs to find a table that is empty of the bookie, then take the dealer seat, after that the player has become Bandar Ceme.

Usually this Ceme game is played by 2 to 8 players with the rules of the game there must be 1 player acting as a bookie. If there is no port, the ceme game cannot start. When a player is given 2 cards, the player is given the opportunity to save the card in hand, after finishing seeing the card, players will be welcome to show the card to all other players. After that, the calculation is done between the Bandar and the player card. The winner is certainly someone who has the highest card value.

How to Calculate Card Value

Players must count the number of round marks on the two cards they have. Add the circle marks on the left and right side, we will give an example like this. In the game of ceme or commonly called ceme bookie has rules, among others;

Understanding Game Ceme and how to play it

1. If the total number of round marks on the two cards is more than> 9, then the value of the card is reduced by 10.
2. If the total number of round marks on the two cards is more than> 10, then the value of the card is reduced by 20.

How to determine the winner in the Game Ceme, as follows:

1. If the number of player cards is greater than the dealer, the city pays the player as much as the player installs.

2. If the number of dealer cards is greater than the player, the dealer will get the amount of bets placed by the player.

3. The airport will indeed be if the value of the city card with the player is the same. Playing as a bookie or player, of course there are advantages and disadvantages. Playing as a bookie can lose if many players on the table often get a card bigger than the dealer. Whereas we are players, then try our cards above the band value.

4. If the player gets a kiu value card (9) and a city card under the cue (9) then the dealer pays the player 2x the amount of the Player’s bet. For example, if a player places a bet of Rp 100,000, the dealer must pay the player Rp 200,000

5. If the dealer gets a kiu card (9), then all players automatically pay to the dealer, because the highest card is 9 and the player is in a losing state if they have a card that has the same value as the dealer.

The above is an explanation of the game play and how to play it. so many of these articles may be useful for those of you who have just joined the online game, so that victory is always on your side.

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