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source From the desk of the A&G Con CEO,

jiska homework help “This marked the last of my fams involvement on the planning and execution side of A&G Con/ A&G Ohio. It has been 10 years and it has to meet a lot of awesome people, but has also shown me how terrible some are as well. Just because it is a convention does not mean that you are in are fantasy world where nothing applies to you. If it’s one main thing I have learned through all of this (a note to fellow con runners)… Contracts and agreements for everyone and everything. Though it won’t stop idiots from slandering you, at least you can rest easy knowing that you can prove what was agreed upon and rest easy.

biology paper writing service To my friends (or the multiplied people who sought me out) to ask me about tips on starting a con. Be ready the bad guy. No matter which road you take. No matter how much you try to help others (even sometimes against the boards blessings). You will be the bad person for having to put your foot down and enforce rules or.agreements, etc, etc. The other thing is a lot of time, effort and passion. Be ready to dedicate yourself to running a show. It is a lot of work. Not just at the show but a lot of pre con work as well. I appreciate all the efforts of those who help run cons.

formal critique essay sample We are masochists. Plain and simple and I tried for years to keep pushing forward but at the end of the day it comes to 1 reason why A&G is ending under my watch… No time. If Jenn and I were not around, then this con would have never moved at all. We have a daughter who’s about to be 10, full time jobs, about ready to open a store front, full time martial arts instructing, among other things. It’s too much. Plus we want to see more of the world. Anyway. All the people that have dedicated their time and helped make A&G amazing year after year. Thank you! We have had a lot of big talkers and a lot of flakes, but you guys are the reason the show runs great. I can have all the ideas and plan to the moon and back, but couldn’t execute those plans without you.

follow site So what happens now with A&G? Well not 100% sure, guess time will tell. Might pass the torch, might let it fade into the stars. Although it is funny to listen to the stupidity out there. Everyone that matters already knew this was going to be the last year of the current regime running A&G. We announced that over 9 months ago. The decision has nothing to do with a con bubble bursting, or anyone winning anything. Well besides us. People always said we wouldn’t survive 3 years! They did everything they could to make sure that we would not get that far. Well I tried to step.back at 9 and it didn’t work, and I was damned if we were going to let A&G end like that! We set up A&G Con 10- for one last hurrah , and what a great year it was! So to all the hacks, crybabies, other con runners against us since day 1… I can say that we won. Period. Couldn’t stop us then and can’t stop us now. Although it was never a competition, we did it for the love of those who supported us. As for Us running A&G Con. That is over, not saying. It’s the last ever because there are talks with 5 different groups about happenings… but for me.and the family we are done. We have got too much other stuff to do and that is the Only reason why the decision was made.”

enter site Thanks to everyone who ever attended an A&G Con and look forward to seeing you and hanging out very soon.

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